Design a World

Our first actual assessment was issued today- the pitch? Design a New World. That was it- no limitations well except DO NOT USE COLOUR.

There’s five in my group, including me, and tonight we decided to break, allowing for research before we even look at ideas.

Using my scientific background I wanted to have a look at the ground principles of planets. I explored what could affect a planet, from its climate to even its current state. I love the idea of a totally gaseous city, with whispy buildings such as the cloud houses from Pixar’s ‘Inside Out.’

Video courtesy of Pixar Post.

Disney Wiki,. 'Inside Out - Cloud Town.Jpg'. N.p., 2015. Web. 29 Sept. 2015.

I also explored the ideas for structures, roads and the materials that these could be made from, with relevance to the overall final concept of course. Man made materials, such as metal, plastic are common in our own world and natural materials such as wood, leaves etc are pretty common ones. However, what about things such as water, slime, fur- the possibilities are endless.

Thomas Heatherwick’s UK Pavilion  building that looks like it is made from fur.

H20 by Axis Mundi

Finally, I explored the various ecosystems that exist. Wet lands such as swamps and marshes are some of my favourite settings. They invoke memories of suspense and danger, primarily due to the Septimus Heap series of books by Angie Sage which I loved as a child.

On Thursday I’ll meet with the rest of my group, in hope of coming to a final resolve before planning for our final ideas. Wish us luck!

Ideas Brain Storm

A few ideas- see my sketchbook for some more in-depth ones.


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