Post it note doodler..


I’ve always wanted to doodle on post it notes- the idea creating something significant on something so small makes me happy.

let's pretend to rock

Flickr – Photo Sharing!,. ‘Let’s Pretend To Rock’. N.p., 2015. Web. 30 Sept. 2015.

Marc Johns ( is an artist who I’ve followed since he started his note-venture. He shows that something insignificant can give an amazingly drastic message. Many of his doodles are highly critical, discussing his own views on issues such as politics. His playfully simplistic drawings and language allow quite an engaging response from viewers.

My views, although not strictly political, are more worldly. I work part time in a Special Needs school, it was a filler while I left my previous degree and my Principal requested I return. The kids in my school are often over looked or deemed too mild on the social scale to do much about. However, I know this is not true, each child has an individual spark of character, no matter their disability.

I wanted to show what I see as so massive, it would be odd to remain on a sticky note as a canvas. I drew the kids as I know them, the props reflections of hobbies or traits i.e. the girl sketch is of a girl with the sweetest personality ever.

Hopefully you interpret these as I originally intended- for no child should be caged just because of what is seen as abnormal.


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