So today my group met with our ideas for our ‘Design a World’ pitch. We all had a wide range of ideas, having researched various environments and other ideas we had.

Brainstorming Ideas

Looking at initial ideas.

We had quite a range of original concepts. Our first idea was to use the human body as an overall vessel or universe. The eye seemed to be a firm favourite, each layer could be used to express a different class of society, the humours used as seascapes. However, we decides that movies such as “Inside Out” had already explored this avenue, so we moved on.

Idea 1- Body parts (I focused on the eye)

I originally focused on the structure of the eye. The various liquid structures could provide water sources, while the nerves could be transport mechanisms.

The human eye structure.

Our second concept was the use of a filament bulb, possibly using the filament as the acting sun, with the majority of the world in the metal casing below. We talked abut the contrast of light and dark, how would each society in the filament would look. Would the filament village be made from a cluster of light orbs? Would the dark city below be run down and ‘shady.’ Although we thought this would be an original idea we wanted to really turn the whole idea of a ‘world’ on its head, to question if a world had to be on a set planet.

Idea 2- Light bulb

Idea 2- the lightbulb.

I thought this lightbulb looked interesting- like vines in a jungle.

The inside of the lightbulb is very complex. Plenty of opportunities to explore it. Video courtesy of TheTechCrypt.

However we wanted to be original. We wanted something different.

Rosie mentioned how she had read an article in which ancient pottery/ stone work is believed to record sounds. Like records, pottery contains groves and nicks in the surface, which could act as so called “sound pockets.” The video below shows the original interview by the French media.

Recordings in the cracks of pottery. A well planned hoax but could it be possible? Video courtesy of Jeff Pratt.

sound storage

Showing some of the ideas from our group talk.

From this idea we wanted to convey a point in Belfast’s history through the depiction of this world in our pot/item. We divided up significant points in time between us to research further and have a look at each in more depth, allowing us time to think of ideas. Caitlin also mentioned we should look at German Expressionism, as the sharp edges and harsh bleak colours would match the mood of all of our timelines perfectly.

A still from the movie ‘The cabinet of Dr. Caligari.’

I was assigned the Belfast Blitz, so I did a lot of research into the timeline of the events and studied photos of the damage that was ultimately caused. I also researched the expressionist work of artists like Erich Pommer and Fritz Lang before watching the ‘Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.’ Caitlin was right, this movement focused on unconventional art, choosing to work against traditional colours and styles. They all gave a somber tone, relevant to my given event, due to the mass of death and destruction.

Video courtesy of LuckyStrike502.

The video above (The Cabinet of Dr Caligari) uses this monotone look and shapeology to give a bleak, horror atmosphere. This would be idea in our own work.

From this research (on this and another post) I sketched some mock ideas which I will share with the group tomorrow. I was inspired by the sharpness of the lines and shape used in the buildings and therefore wanted to show this in my ideas. I also explored ideas for the overall world shape or vessel, from simple pots to even the use of a bomb that the German’s dropped.


Now for some historical research. I read plenty of textbooks and old school notes. I also watched plenty of videos. The footage really puts you in the mind set of the people at the time.

Video courtesy of kat sugar jay.

Video courtesy of thenewlodge.

Referencing images of the Blitz aftermath, The obvious destruction and grey scale photos gave a very evident sadness and I wanted to portray this is my ideas. I liked the idea of mashing these images together, possibly in piles, to emphasis the desperation.

Building sketches

I used the gallery of images I found online and added my own take on German Expressionism to it.

I was inspired by the triangular shapes used in the German expression and the sharp edges that were a reoccurring factor. I wanted to use these in my work and so drew a lot of the framework and structures as sharp spikes and objects, almost looking like stakes. I thought it would be cool to have some sort of run off from the buildings, as if the shadows were seeping like blood.

Vessel Ideas

Vessel ideas

I then had a look at ideas for the vessel of our piece- a pot seemed a bit too obvious and easy. Maybe a bomb would be better?


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