Belfast- The Blitz Research

So, I was tasked with the research for the Blitz element to our world. I wanted to keep track of this research.

I thought this summary of events was really useful (I included the information below).

The four key raids could have four separate layers possibly feeding into each other, like tiers in a cake, or they could be on one layer merging together.

carry on belfast

I thought this newspaper article was quite surreal. The encouragement of locals to live on through the Blitz- despite the horror. Image courtesy of

Below are some of the videos I watched in preparation for this week. The footage and images shown give an idea of what the carnage was like in our ‘wee’ city.

Video courtesy of Rick H.

Video courtesy of MrFisherman.

Locally to me- this shows the damage a small shell caused. The hole was never filled in after the war, asking as a memorial, at the grounds of Stormount Parliament Buildings. Video courtesy of Tom McClean.

Not strictly Belfast, but showing the damage done to streets during the Blitz. Video courtesy of 993ti.

I forgot how Belfast was truly effected but the Blitz, although the fatality rate wasn’t that high, the level of destruction was. It will be interesting to try and replicate what people were living through during a time of such destruction.


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