Character Design Tutorial..

Today we had a tutorial on character design with Mike- the magician of character design in many peoples’ eyes.

He showed us the basic break down of things to consider.

Who is the character aimed at? For example Ponyo- he is a likable character with simplistic basic shapes and primary colours based at children.

Where will it be seen? We looked at Dumb Ways to Die- the pixel count would influence the overall display of such an app.

Mike stressed the most important aspect- the appeal.

Characters like Spongebob are line drawings, simple but effective in attracting love from kids. Artists such as Edward Gorey, with his dark tones and sunken eyes have heavily influenced the styles of people such as Tim Burton and Beetlejuice.

Mike showed us the use of lineage- sharp lines for aggressive/ evil characters while smoother lines for the protagonists. Characters such as those in Ratatouille demonstrate this.

Image courtesy of Disney.

Remy’s smooth round nose and facial contours contrast to that of the harsh sharp angles of Anton Ego’s.


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