Concept Ideas

After further study of my buildings I then worked to create the ‘layers’ that would appear in our work. Again with the use of German expressionism I created a jagged lower ground, placing cameo style objects in each layer i.e. Easter Eggs representing the Easter Tuesday attack. Working with the other members of my team  we combined our given time periods to great the overall ‘timeline.’ Below our some of our teams examples of layers. Thomas worked on the Troubles land, Caitlin and I the Blitz and Rosie and Samantha worked on the Famine.

Layer representation of the troubles

Thomas’ representation of the ‘Troubles.’

Thomas used windows into the houses to show how life would actually feel, with characters being inside them. He also looked into using characters a background images i.e. not actually moving, to give a mood as if frozen in time. We thought this was a pretty good idea and would look interesting with all the layers together, characters interacting with non moving objects of themselves.

The Famine and Blitz ideas

Some of my layer ideas for the Blitz in Belfast.

After we talked about these layers, we came up with our own concept ideas on how to hold them. Our initial idea of a pot seemed too simplistic, so we went wild trying to come up with a more interesting way.

Our ideas were vast and slightly insane, stemming from a crockery potato to a jack in the box potato toy. Our project has now been passed onto another group so it will be interesting to see how they interpret it. Samantha even suggested we think bigger and had suggested a Paradox World, one in which all our history periods combine together in one point in time, possibly spreading our history timeline out to include the Vikings, Romans, Victoria era etc.

Caitlin had made these insane ideas of a vegetable based planet, based off of Thomas and my sketches. She thought each vegetable could have a unique personality, such as panicking potatos, insane leeks and stoner carrots running around, trying to figure out how to cope with the mad world around them. It would be an amazing narrative idea, and one that hopefully inspire the next group that pick up our concept.


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