Life Drawing- The Beginning

On Thursday 1st October I experienced my first ever life drawing class.

Originally I was nervous and quite comprehensive as it was all a bit exposed for me but it actually turned out to be rather relaxing.

We had two models, male and female, each posing for a sixty seconds each. Michael introduced us to the purpose of these classes. Not to focus on the details,no, but to draw each movement of the body, simplifying it down to basic shapes and curves,

We drew in both chalk and pencil, having to move swiftly in order to complete each pose.

In the beginning I struggled to keep up and to use unbroken lines. However, as time progressed I grew more accustomed to it, allowing me to get into the flow of things.

I know I need to practice. A year out at a solely scientific degree has allowed me to grow rusty.

With Mike’s guidance hopefully I’ll progress in these areas.




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