Creature concepts…Personal Forest Animal Designs


Ok so we had a bit of a mixed bag of ideas when looking  at these creatures for this world. We wanted to create dark looming creatures, after all it is the scary part of the world. However we also decided to create some of the species as misunderstood, i.e. some which were evil looking but perfectly harmless. I decided to stay with the totally scary designs.

I thought it would be intriguing to vary the look of these horrifying creatures in our world through how they looked. I wanted to consider larger animals, with massive bulks , compared to taller leaner animals.

The rise of Slender Man kind of inspired this for me, with the look of a tall, swift moving creature that could pop out at any time. I had a look into folk tales including Bloody Mary and the Black Nun, stories I heard as a kid. Forcing myself to look into these stories further, yes I had a sleepless night, I found the creatures or scary presence had one thing in common. Darkness.

Salvidor Dalí’s painting ‘The Elephants’ gave the exact look I was thinking off when designing my creatures. The stilts giving a jittery looking look to the characters.


1948- Salvador Dalí’s ‘The Elephants.’

One of my favourite music videos shows an huge influence by Dalí’s piece. Gotye’s ‘Eyes Wide Open’ is a Stop Motion that shows creatures on stilt like vehicles roaming the destroyed Earth. Another possible character inspired by this could be ‘(Beldam)The Other Mother’ from Coraline.

Coraline– possible inspiration elsewhere.

We then thought the second bulkier species that occupies the forest could look more armored. Insects such as spiders and scorpions contain an exoskeleton, which is used for protection.


However when creating my own designs, I wanted to emphasis this, like an actual armour.

Previously, my group had found several concept art works that combined animals to give the antagonist characters in video games, we all wanted to have a go at this. Phoebe had originally found the frog concept below that I really liked. I tried combining animals such as jaguars, crabs, slugs, snakes and jelly fish to play around with the atmospheres they could give off.,. N.p., 2015. Web. 8 Oct. 2015. Frog- crab by unknown

From these designs I created my own hybrids, shown below. I created the first being based on a crab and a slug, giving him an armored shell. I wanted him to appear almost black, his eyes sunken into his head, glowing out at anyone. I then had a look at monkeys and they primate family, trying to combine this sort of normally perceived as childish animal into one of terror.

Crab and Monkey hybrid animals
Crab and Monkey hybrid animals

I created the worm idea based on the Dilophasaur, the crystals would flare out when the creature is provoked or angry. I also thought that it would be beneficial if it lay flat, the crystals would retract, making it look like a log. Feeling inspired by the dinosaur element, I had a look at the Ankylosaurus and wanted to create a more swift character, more threatening to look at. So, I looked at a tiger style design, with shorter legs, closer to the ground, as if it would glide around.

When designing the worm for this I had a look at the ‘were-worms’ from ‘The Hobbit- Battle of the Five Armies’ and the insect creatures from the King Kong remake.

King Kong insect pitfall.

The Hobbit were worms.

‘The Worm’ and ‘Crystal-Jag’

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