Redraws.. Phoebe’s style

When it cam to showing our original concept ideas we all had different characters and ideas but with the same tone featuring throughout. The dark wood animals were horrid nasty creatures, however some had a hidden gentler side. We decided these would live in the areas mid way between the crystal forest and the dome. Phoebe’s style of work was one we could all relate to and found we could collectively draw in. Therefore, we chose to try and replicate it. It reminded me of a Pokemon/ Digimon premise, the linage simple but strong enough to influence characters.

Video courtesy of COORDINATOR STUDIOS ™.

Our ideas showed the use of free flowing animals for the dome and a mash-up of both land and sea animals for the forest.

Next we decided to replicate these ideas in Phoebe’s style, trying to get them to match. In the process some of our designs changed to accommodate these stylistic changes. To do this, we all had a look into the artwork behind Pokémon as created by Ken Sugimori. Sugimori designed all 150 original  Pokémon and still to this day works for the franchise.

Below are some of the original designs of the characters that we all know and love today.


We then worked to adapt some of our creatures in this style. Overall it was still very effective in creating the evil feel needed in these creatures.

Phoebe's character design- I had a look at it for her stylePhoebes original character design.


Redrawing of Rosie’s creature into this style. I really liked how it looked evil, but with a slightly cartoon image, giving a more likable approach than just the utterly petrifying one. I then redesigned the worm creature keeping these ideas in mind. I really like the defined angles I created, making it sharper.



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