Abstract animation

Notes from Yuan’s lecture on Abstract animation- unusual to say the least..

Below are some of the animations we watched during this class.

The above animation was one of the first abstract animations ever published by Walter Ruttman. I really like the fluidity of the shapes in this short and how the colours gave life to the shapes, like their own characters.

I couldn’t find a video for Oskar Fischinger animation we watched in class so I included a similar style one. Fischinger made “Composition in Blue” entirely from paper in a stop motion manner. I love stop motion, and both the video Yuan showed us and this one really made me think about character in movies. How animators could create character in inanimate objects, like the circles and cubes, even without facial features.

Fischinger also worked on this mushroom scene from fantasia and you can see the direct link between his work as he gives an almost dance like quality to each of shorts, in the characters and shapes.


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