Character Two- Whoo



Finally, say hello to Whoo!

Whoo is my second character design, a mermaid based hybrid that lives in the Dome fluid. This species is of a higher social status than other such as Gleep, shown by the more developed body type.

Whoo is 6ft in height, her body is also translucent like Gleep’s, however her internal organs act as their own bio-luminescent source, generating energy.

Her face has the same characteristics as Gleep, with a dipped mouth and eyes. However I gave her gills to generate more airflow as she generates her own energy as well as that from outside, so more O2 would be needed for chemical conversions. Her higher level of evolution is also shown in her skull shape, having sharp cheek bones and a nose, based on those of manatees.

Finally her fins are free flowing plasma, inspired by the tails of fighter fish. They give her a more angelic look overall.


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