Creature concept one- Gleep



Say hello to Gleep!

This is my first complete character design for our Crystal World. Gleep is a free flowing blob, much like a lava lamp his body moves independent of his movements. Even when he is sessile in movement, his body shimmers and flows.

His two pectoral fins are detached from his body, letting him flow around freely, but his main tail fin it attached.

His body is translucent in colour, reflecting and absorbing the bio-luminscent light as a food source. Therefore he had no mouth, but rather an indent that’s depth shows his emotions.

His eyes are also indents, unnecessary due to the abundance of light. With his brows, these show his true emotions.

Gleep is relatively small, roughly a meter long, his size being an advantage when moving through the dome fluid.

Drawing Gleep is relatively simple to draw as he is basically a large circle and small circle combined with a cylinder.

I really like how this little guy turned out, he looks so expressive and would be fun to animate.


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