Group concepts..

After our redraws we looked at our ideas as a whole, making sure we were along the same wavelength with designs, shown below is a mix of characters from the other group members.


The above is a redraw based on Rosie’s design, nick named ‘Scaw.’ I really like the collaboration that occurred here, both Rosie and I worked together to create this creepy looking character.


Caitlin’s concept.


Thomas’s concept

Thomas and Caitlin worked together to create the ‘mean but nice’ forest creatures, working on how to bring them together to create a nice theme/ Both used a cool mix of deep sea and land animals.



Caitlin’s concept


Caitlin’s concept

My design


My design

Caitlin, Phoebe and I collaborated on the Dome based creatures, watching endless lava lamp videos for inspiration behind their flowing form. We tried to give them all little personalities and make them feel real and of use.

We all decided that this cartoon style was best as we all could draw in it effectively. It gave a great juxtaposition between the cool natured characters of the dome and the horrid forest animals. We selected two creatures each to focus on for our character and expression sheets to keep it simple. Tomorrow we’ll post to see how we’re getting on.


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