Character Design revisited..

Another type of character I had wanted to revisit was the evil creatures from this world. I had a look into some of the creatures I had originally designed and redrew them in a style I love.

Stephen Cartwright is an illustrator I grew up with and is one I highly credit and has influenced how I work over the years. His famous ‘find the duck’ element in Osbourne books is one I will not forget.

I then had a go at using this style with my own designs. Below are some of the ideas I came up with from the originals. I then went on and had a go at combining the characters from both the Dome and the Forest together. In our original ideas we talked about the concept that the forest animals would be huge and looming animals. The dome creatures, however would be small- like bacteria- in comparison to them.

When studying the exoskeleton like look to the characters I found the look from the Maze Runner concept art was quite insightful. I liked the mechanical look the legs and body of the creatures, something I tried to show in the armour of the creatures, as demonstrated by Ken Bathelmey.

The glowing of the creatures’ bodies themselves was also the look I was hoping would show, once I draw them out graphically.

I feel that the life drawing aspect of this course has really helped with considering the posing and limbs of character- allowing me to come out of my comfort zone a bit more. My next area of study will be hands…


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