Creepy character designs..

Here we have a couple of developed character designs done digitally. I wanted to show the interactions of these scary creatures against their dome counterparts.

glog finGrog- based off of my revised character designs.

I was inspired by Maurice Sendak’s illustrations for ‘Where the Wild Things are.’ I liked the idea of larger, more rounded creatures. That could appear friendly but in actual fact are rather devious. I also included the use of crystals on Grog himself to show the element of camouflage used in the forest creature.

where-the-wild-things-are-2Sendak’s original illustrations.

txtGleep vs Evil.

Ok, so it’s fair to say that Gleep is one of my favourite designs from this project and I wanted to use him again. I tried my best to make him look like he was glowing, as if the only light source (himself) detected the beast. I also wanted the creature to look out at the viewer, rather than Gleep himself, to connect with us more.



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