Scaw vs Amelia

So I wanted to experiment with Scaw a bit more- the character originally based on Rosie’s design. I wanted to stylise him to a style I was more comfortable with- having already drawn him in a Pokemon style. I wanted to experiment with Phoebe’s idea that some of the characters in the forest looked evil, but were in fact not quite that. Just misunderstood. Phoebe’s ‘Jellyowl’ was one of these creatures.

For this design I was heavily inspired by Dr. Seuss’s ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas.’ The wide range of expressions from this character in the illustrations give a fantastic evil look to the character.

Original illustrations by Dr Seuss. Video courtesy of pelleas08.

The Grinch Song from the 1966 movie adaptation. Video courtesy of gemtracker.

I also tried to adapt my style more to that from the movie ‘Anastasia,’ the characters styled by Don Bluth. Bartok (the white bat) and Rasputin are two of my favourite character designs. They are both classified as villains (though Bartok does convert) but the distinguished looks between them makes it more apparent. Bartok is rounder, more smoother, much like his character. Whereas Rasputin is uglier, his face melting in certain parts, drooping too, whereas his body is sharp and angled, his bone structure more pronounced.

I wanted to try and mimic Bartok’s personality- giving the character a softer look than originally intended. The little girl gives emphasis to this as I made her look to be shouting at the ‘monster.’ The girl (I named her Amelia) is the kid I wish I was. I was actually quite shy and anxious as a child and easily scared, whereas young Amelia is afraid of nothing.

You can tell I’ve been doing  an essay on Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck..

“I can dream I’m Bugs Bunny, but when I wake up, I’m Daffy Duck,”- (Chuck Jones, 1989)


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