Revising Character Designs

Ok so I know I didn’t do these drawings at the time of the original creature design week but I wasn’t satisfied with some of them- so I wanted to revisit them again. (Yes I know the time stamp says October but my OCD needed this to be in the correct order- sorry who ever is reading this.

The mer-creatures that I created, and the other dome creatures in face, were some of my favourite characters. However, I wanted to experiment drawing them differently, in a different style.

Brittney Lee is an artist who I admire. Her work is very beautiful- I especially like how she simplifies the eyes to the outline of the lashes. She gives such character and personality to her characters it’s easy to see why she worked on concept art for Disney’s ‘Frozen.’ I’ve included some of my favourite work by her below.

From my original designs, I decided to try and draw them in this style, giving a more feminine look to the characters overall.

From these designs I decided to experiment digitally, drawing the character on Photoshop. I’m actually really happy with the outcome considering I’m new to the whole graphic aspect to this course. I would like to personally thank Niamh Lynn and Jakub Bojanowski for showing me tricks of the trade :).

woo- brittney lee 2


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