Gleep character development

Originally I designed ‘Gleep‘ with a very cartoony ‘Pokemon’ style in mind. However, I wanted to create him in a more realistic style.

Further research into aquatic mammals showed that they have rather small eyes (Dolphins, Manatees, Whales) in comparison to their large size. They rely on other senses and things, such as sonar, to provide their sight.

Eyes of these mammals tend to be smaller (shown above).

I wanted to keep the sunken look to the design from my original character, however I wanted to add this look of  a smaller eye.

Niamh Lynn and Hollie Mackay have really inspired me this semester, especially with their line art- words cannot describe it. I wanted to develop my lineart because of this- so am trying my best to create cleaner art through experimenting with different brushes.

I was influenced by the work of Aaron Blaise, especially his character designs for a movie that never went ahead. The manatee designs were ones I considered a lot when looking at my own work.

I decided to have a go at colouring ‘Gleep’ too. I went with more of a murkier look, using cooler greens to blend in with the dome environment. I also redrew some of his expressions to practice facial feature movements (I tend to struggle with things like this unless I have a mirror).


‘Gleep’- by Me.

I kept the colours fairly blocked, giving more of a 2D look, as I wanted to focus more on the line-art in these pieces.




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