Marker studies..

Ok ok so I suppose I cheated a little- but I wanted to place some scenes before photo shopping them in.

I bought some Promarkers in neutral tones-so a range of white-black tones. How have I not discovered these before? They are so nice and fluid to tinker with- allowing me to create lovely shaded drawings.

Jack  and Even (from the previous character development team) gave us their blogs to look at their characters in more detail. I discovered that I liked the bubble girl (we named her Spudge) and square man (Frank) in particular. To me Spudge is a giddy, curious girl, constantly searching for new things. Frank on the other hand is more square with his act, constantly annoyed or sensible. He’s also kind of the fall guy (much like Daffy Duck), Frank is always kind of second place.

Video courtesy of ericho33.

Video courtesy of ariel141.

Characters such as M-O from Wall-E and Daffy Duck are the main basis of this character’s personality in my work.

After thinking of these things, and factoring in the world I then drew up some concept ideas. They give allusion to the personalities of the characters and the environment around them. Our group had also previously talked about naming each scene after songs or lyrics from songs.




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