Animation in Canada

Mike took us for this lecture on animation in Canada, seeing as he is from Canada. Below are some of the videos I really enjoyed from this lesson.

Norman Maclaren’s 1952 animation entitled ‘Neighbours’ was used as a propaganda outreach during the Cold War era. It is a stop start animation that starts out quite comical but quickly develops a dark edge as the two characters fight it out on screen. I thought it was quite interesting how the light hearted ‘Laurel and Hardy’ style music contrasts to the actual on going scenes.

This video really struck a cord with me. The documentary entitled “Ryan” by Chris Lambeth shows the downwards spiral of Ryan Larkin, a Canadian animator who was renowned  for his work and how he changed the animation industry. Alcohol and cocaine became he only vices, all his amazing artistic talent gone from the world as he struggled to cope anymore. It showed me the possibilities that could arise in this industry and how it can either make or break you.

‘Walking’ the 1968 animation by Ryan Larkin.


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