Marker studies.. more developed

Due to photoshop dilemmas (I hate technology at times) I was kind of stranded at the weekend when it came to planning ideas out. Therefore I decided to draw them in more detail using my new markers (yes they are highly addictive)

I wanted to demonstrate some of the character and personalities as previously mentioned in my previous posts and how they interact with the environment in which they live. Therefore I redrew some of my original sketches, but in greater detail.


I had the idea of a game sort of vibe going on- the person who makes the buildings rise the most wins? As described before, I had the idea that the square character (Frank) would be the sort of fall guy- doesn’t always get what he wants, kind of always second place. The person who the door slams on.. (Basically me),


This was an idea based on one of the characters (I believe it is the circle girl- Spudge) exploring the caves below the disc. I am terrible at drawing things from memory so used plenty of reference images when looking at caves themselves (I recommend going to the Marble Arch Caves if you ever get a chance).

Why do our accents sound terrible on video? The Marble Arch caves in Fermanagh. Video courtesy of knoxi82.

There’s a 3D digital model of the super caves in China which I found very useful.

This giant cave system in China has its own weather system. Video courtesy of The Weather Channel.


Phoebe came up with the amazing ‘soundcave’ idea, in which the hollow circle of the CD/Vinyl would have caves dotted throughout it. These areas would be unaffected by sound and therefore would allow a good narrative when needed as the characters explore it.

The idea arose from our original concept of having a world with no sound in the reflection, a ‘Death Star’ to our universe. To demonstrate what his area of the world would feel like we looked into the anechoic chamber, the world’s quietest room. The room itself absorbs 99.99% of sound and the longest stay in the room has been 45 minutes. Lengthy trips are said to drive people mad.

This is the feel we wanted to give from our world- the inhabitants used to so much sound that the caves themselves may drive them mad.







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