Digital Tonal Studies Revisited

So I wanted to have a go at redoing some of my tonality sketches. I originally used Sketchbook Pro, but now as I feel a bit more confident I wanted to experiment more with Photoshop, and the different brushes available.

I started with some basic tonal sketches, based on the environment itself solely. I wanted to recreated a piece based on that of Pete Oswald. His concept art was the basis for the set of Paranorman. I wanted to show a little bit of our Sound World as if it was barren- maybe some of the houses appearing lower and smaller, as if yet to be effected by the environment.

Work by Pete Oswald.


My little street scene- this was a little warm up sketch, having not touched my tablet for a while. I like the depth I managed to create in this image, as the buildings fade into the distance. It was also gave me the chance to explore the environment of this world a little more- without the use of the city as our main landscape.

From our most recent project (the Game project for our world), Clíodhna had suggested we look at the concept art for Disney’s Tangled, more specifically the concept art for the  lantern scene. The scene was originally designed by Jeffrey Turley.


Painting by Jeffrey Turley.

I wanted to experiement with making the shapes (circles, squares and triangles) appear in the sky- either as lanterns or stars, like the scene shown below.

One of my favourite scenes, visually, from any Disney movie.

I also had previously saved work by Swagtaters on Tumblr- I am a huge Sherlock fan and love trolling through all the artwork. One of her sets of work in particular featured a glowing John Watson in the sky. I’d love to take my lantern work and have a go at replicating her style.

Swagtaters work.

My first attempt at creating the ‘glow’ on the shapes was too strong and looked more like mist, so I experimented with the adjustments and until I found none that looked best.

I then wanted to have a look at a scene with the character and the environment together. I loved this character design piece by Rafael Mayani, especially the glow on the pig’s face. The character is from a film called “The Dam Keeper” and I think it is simple but beautiful design. The character can really be felt through the softness of the colours.


Rafael Mayani’s work from ‘The Dam Keeper.’

The Dam Keeper  by Daisuke Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo

In my piece I focused on the character design of the bubble girl and wanted to show this glowing effect  on her somehow.

I originally created the piece on the left as if the girl was walking through a tree line. However, I wanted to create more of a glow look on face and decided a darker environment would look better.

Therefore, I placed her in the sound cave, as if she has found some ancient artefact. I’m rather proud of how the stalagmites blend in with the cave background.




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