Further Reasearch- Movies and Concept Art

I mentioned previously that I looked into some other movies and wanted to have a look into some of the work in these.

Firstly I looked at Mulan (due to the oriental aspect of it). Ric Sluiter was one of the artists who worked on the movie. In some of his work he even replicates the style of the oriental artwork, using bamboo paper and painting in ink.

Work by Ric Sluiter

Above are some of the colour keys from the movie.

I couldn’t even consider looking at this theme without watching one of my favourite movies- ‘Meet the Robinsons.’ I love the whole plot line and design behind this movie, it’s completely insane and out of the ordinary.  I found that there wasn’t that many examples of the artwork out there so I had to explore more ideas.


Due to the lack of artwork available for ‘Meet the Robinsons,’ I decided to have a further look into some more futuristic movies. ‘Robots’ was another one that I used to love as a kid.

The below is some of the work by Michael Knapp.

The work of Greg Couch. 

I found it quite interesting how both artists have managed to incorporate the warm colours in their work, despite the environment being steel based.




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