Historical Research and Perspective drawing

Gianni, it turns out, loves architecture and perspective drawing. He suggested we all study and investigate into the styles of building and landscapes associated with each time period.

Caveman/ Neanderthal- Again we had a lot of creative licence for this time period, sadly Fred Flintstone lacked a camera. As mentioned in a previous post, we already looked into concept art for The Croods so we were able to look at the scenery of this time period. Despite our beliefs that such species would live in caves, they did in fact build their own homes.  Therefore we could create our own idea of homes for our caveman figure, ragged rock structures in the shape of colosseums perhaps? We naturally watched The Flinestones, for research purposes of course. They have combined this idea of modern world vs the prehistoric world.

‘The Flintstones’ opening sequence. Video courtesy of Friday After Next.

‘The Croods’ trailer. Video courtesy of DreamWorksTV.

Below is a little caveman tonal I did inspired by a scene from Spirited Away. I wanted to combine the normal like of a Caveman into something else.

Don't give up your day job

Don’t give up you day job Mr Neanderthal.

China- ancient monuments and buildings –We noticed that the hue to the buildings in China was a lot cooler. They seemed to incorporate a lot of vivid reds in temples yes, but they had an almost subdued look, heavily influenced by the greenery around. Colours like green and blues was very visible. With a bit of research we found that green, blue, red and gold are very important in Chinese culture as they represent the five element. (Water, wind, earth, fire and metal. These temples also refer to these elements and are built in a pagoda style. The buildings are flared and teared, giving a powerful look to them.

Black Dragon Temple.

Examples of some of the architecture- the temples.

Gianni's representation of China

Gianni’s representation of China.

Roman architecture- Gianni’s home knowledge really helped here! He showed us some beautiful details we probably would have skipped. Rome was heavily influenced by Greece, and this resulted in buildings that were beautiful examples of wealth and prosperity. The buildings themselves a heavily adorned with mosaics, arches and dome shapes, giving a more delicate look. They were made from marble and sometimes clay, giving a richer and more recognisable look. The vibes given from such cities is more ‘pink’ we discussed. A more feminine side to the strong empire.Research was necessary into the different characteristics of the architecture of this time. Gianni then suggested we research the actual variety available in archways. Unknown to me, there are different types of structures.

Exploring the different archway types.

Colosseum in Rome.

Dome of St Peters.

Fontana di Trevi- pillars and arches.

Gianni's Roman sketch

Gianni’s representation.

Viking villages- obviously there are no remaining examples of this style of building so we had to rely on historical evidence. I found quite a useful video in which a company known as Unity created a 3D viking village. The villages themselves, we agreed, would be darker with cooler tones. Disease, poor and gruelling work with battles and death would give a more morbid atmosphere and look. The city would be darker, the only light from fires.

Unity 5 Demo Scene: Viking Village. Video courtesy of Unity

Wild West– so this time there are some preserved or rebuilt areas that resemble the wild west. However to help with the 3D aspect of things I wanted to look into some video games to help with perspective drawings. Ok so I used to love the game Toy story 3- Woody’s Roundup and the free play area is set in the wild west. So of course, for research, I played it once again.

 Toy Story 3 (Xbox 360). Video courtesy of N2SC4R.

My brother also suggested I watch game play for the Read Dead Redemption game, as it too is set in the wild west. The vibe I got from such games was dark, dull, cooler looks due to the high dangers involved. However the colour schemes themselves were of sunset colours, so it will be interesting to see what I can come up with here.

Red Dead Redemption. Video courtesy of ButterBeanCW.

A tonal sketch I did inspired by both the western landscape and futuristic aspect- Robert did this originally in a limited colour sketch. I will next try his scheme but with the cool and warm shades. A tonal sketch I did inspired by both the western landscape and futuristic aspect- Robert did this originally in a limited colour sketch. I will next try his scheme but with the cool and warm shades.

Futuristic city- Although the ‘future’ aspect to our city was modern day earth we thought it would be cool to add some futuristic elements to scenes. I introduced my group to the vintage cartoon The Jetsons, reliving my childhood obsession with Cartoon Network. The cities themselves are in the air, suspended on poles to accommodate the flying cars. These spherical objects were a pain to draw but produced new challenges for us all!

Example of cities from ‘The Jetsons.’

‘The Jetsons’ intro. Video courtesy of levisk1212


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