Paradox world- colour work research

Our new world- the paradox world, is a mish mosh of various historical events all in the one space at the one time. It shows the involvement of characters such as Attila the Hun, Romans, Cowboys and modern day people interacting with each other and items from their times. For example, a caveman watching a documentary on fire on a plasma TV.

As this projects is quite similar to concepts of other movies, I decided to explore the artwork behind these. I looked into movies such as ‘Mulan,’ ‘Meet the Croods’, ‘Mr Peabody and Sherman’ and ‘Meet the Robinsons.’

The concept art that I looked at in more detail was that for  ‘Mr Peabody and Sherman’, the movie having scenes set in Greece, Rome and during the Renaissance as the character’s time travel.  Priscilla Wong and Pascal Campion were two artists behind this workYou can see the variety in tones below, however the schemes tend to follow a more warm feel for the lighting, especially in the historic periods as it gives the look of torch light. However, like any animated movie, the cooler tones come into play with the antagonists, giving that evil look as they send more of a chill. I also really like the use of blues in the stills below. They give the feel of an endless background, as if the characters are suspended in a black hole.

Video courtesy of Movieclips Coming Soon.

A colour script from the movie ‘Mister Peabody and Sherman.’

My pieces by Pascal Champion.

Another movie which I wanted to explore was ‘Meet the Croods,’ a movie that explored a family of cavemen. Simon Rodgers was one of the artists who worked on this movie, who artwork I found very beautiful.

Artwork by Simon Rodgers.

I couldn’t help but notice the gradation in colour use in this film. The sandy colours and neutral shades of browns are used for the regular setting to the family, their known home. However once brought into an unknown setting, the colour bursts in, vibrant plant life, extreme animals and weather conditions all seem to give a more exciting look. Also, the light itself is more illuminating and bright compared the the soft lighting of the original family’s home. You can see this in the stills below;

Unsure of the artist behind this stunning piece.


A still from the actual movie.

The vibrancy of the colours in the world compared to that of the cave are amazing. Video courtesy of DreamWorksTV .




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