Concept artwork- Marker and Watercolour sketches

Initially I wanted to explore the use of colour with both warm and cool tones but in a quicker medium- just to understand it more. I was inspired by the artwork of Spirited Away. Miyazaki used a watercolour style to give the gist of colour in his original looks when exploring lighting and colour. Therefore I wanted to have a go at using this.

Cooler night tones in the image above.

Compared to that of the warm tones in the day scenes (above).


The above image I had the idea of a cave, possibly the home of our Neanderthal, overlooking a city scape. I chose a cooler colour palette over the earthy tones as I wanted to show how the confused character would feel, plucked from his own time period into the unknown.


The top three scenes I wanted to practice overlaying cool colours over warmer colours, such as the sandy mountains. It was a lot harder than it seemed as there’s only a certain amount of blue that can be used on the earthy tones before they turn too green, not the look I wanted.


The above images I created wanting to completely mix up the time periods and worlds together, scenes such as a medieval castle with bamboo covering it and a cowboy riding through bamboo reeds is not exactly common. I liked the warmer colours the best in these sketches, and I think I captured that warm sunset look rather well.


The top images I wanted to do a sole character shot, and decided to use everyone’s favourite caveman. I used the cooler tones of blues over the scenes to give a sad feel as the poor character contemplates whether he has been stood up or not.

After this caveman sketch I decided to do scenes just using the characters, to understand content and composition better. Things like lighting are something I struggle to show, so therefore wanted to a go looking into this further.


“Kiss the cook”- I really liked Bethany and John’s character designs and so wanted to place them together. Here we have an overworked Sculley serving a Cowboy. A pink frilly apron was necessary, of course.


“Tardis Bar”- here I combined the characters in a tavern like scene, the way they hold each beverage and the choice of drink itself, I think, speaks for each personality. The colours would be warm here with dark lighting. Much like a normal bar setting. The scene below from Lord of the Rings- The Fellowship of the Ring captures the look I was going for.

 ‘Prancing Pony Scene.’ Video courtesy of Vojin Stanic.


I love this caveman fellow- he always seems so comically involved in each scene. Here I placed him up against a Trojan Horse, clearly afraid of the giant faux animal. I used a cooler shading on the horse to give the projection that it is the antagonist. Like used with Hades in Disney’s Hercules, it emphasises the character. I feel that I could possibly up these tones even more though.

 Cool tones used on Hades add to his dangerous nature.


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