5 Colour challenge

To truly understand the warm and cool colour concept we decided to use the colours only in our colour palettes for scenes, limiting the colours just like Will Kemp had suggested as mentioned in my previous post. It gave us all a better understanding of how the light should look and where to position it. For example, if the light source was behind the darkest colours would be furthest away. We decided to also have a go with both the cool and warm colour palettes in our designs.
china building

Hollie showed me a really nice red and purple palette which I used here to create this warm Pagoda Chinese temple, surrounded by some bushes.

chinese hut

Ok so this one I cheated a little. I used a tonal study as inspiration, I was unsure which colours to use. I thought that painting the Chinese temple (pagoda) in its traditional red colours would help me decide on something.


I was inspired by the palettes I uploaded previously and had a go at using them in my work. I like the playful look this palette gave my cowboy as he rides against the silhouette of a cityscape in the background.


For this palette I wanted to give a feeling of the unknown in my work. The caveman is pointing at the distant cityscape, unsure of its presence and there fore the blue greens give the look of an pang of sadness or confusion



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