Digital Work- Colour

Gravity Falls is a show I’ve only been introduced to lately and the artwork behind it is incredible.

Ella Michalka created the original concept artwork for the show, and it gives quite a nice blocked look. This blocked, less detailed work gives a better use of silhouettes and can give a sense of what shading and tones need added to the piece. Her more detailed works are very beautiful, the use of line art not too heavy or over powering, and blends perfect with each scene.

Work by Elle Michalka.

Jeffrey M. Thompson is another artist who worked on ‘Gravity Falls,’ who style is slightly different than Michalka’s. I love his colour keys- the simplified versions of scenes still portray the story without the entire detail of a scene.

Some of Thompson’s colour scripts and keys.

Ok so now my turn to show some of my own work. I first blocked out the colours for this scene, like Michalka does in her work. Then I tried my best to add the tones. The background itself needs some work- I didn’t quite capture the fades.

The next piece I painted originally on my iPhone as a bus doodle, then added the colour in Photoshop.

I wanted to try to replicate one of the scenes from the original work, adding, once again, the paradox element to the scenery.

Finally I wanted to try different brushes to have a go at adding the mist to a piece. I was happy with how this turned out as I think I’m starting to understand as to how to create the gradient look in the trees.

cleo in the woods


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