Final concept pieces

Below are some of the more detailed pieces. I played with two similar concepts for the Trojan horse design as I wanted to show how color effects the mood and not just through character interaction

One of my final images I create was a mix of Gianni’s perspective street scenes. I combined the building types in a set up like that from the scene I looked at in Spirited Away and sketched it out tonally. I then provided Hollie with this sketch and she created a tonal in photoshop for me- there’s only so much I can stare at a computer screen before I go crazy. After that, I added the colours and tone, going for a cooler look.

Original Street SketchMy original tonal drawing.Hollie's tonalHollie then recreated this digitally.

streetI then went over this in colour- I went for a cooler more eerie look.

I created the image below based on one of Kirstin’s character ideas/ I thought it would be interesting to consider this girl in a cave with the cavemen, getting high on Pot-Bread and talking about world conspiracy theories. Both Hollie and Robert drew up scenes of Neanderthals siting around a fire.. I used a warm colour based like those used in the pieces as base tones, however I wanted to create a more warm look. I presume getting high on Pot-Bread would generate a happier feel than others.

stoner bread.jpgStoner Bread- original character designed by Kirstin.

12031472_1506373129687780_2853560214308437972_oHollie’s caveman painting.

In the cowboy sketch I wanted to create a foreboding look, night fall not long around the corner, the cowboy determining what to do. The next scene I used warm colours for the characters themselves, however I then used cooler tones to project the feeling of evil along each of the characters in the scene.

Trojan horse in a cooler feelTrojan horse in a warmer palette


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