Life drawing- Shading

Mike had asked us to buy tonal chalks for this week as we would be focusing on using shadow to create a more 3D look. First, he got us to draw sphere and then decide where the light source would be.

We then split the sphere in half parallel to this source, and then perpendicular to the source. Using the lightest shade first, we added the lightest tone, near the light source and progressed to the darkest tone. Mike showed us that the darkest tone should never meet the end of the sphere, as there is a highlight underneath from other light sources/ drop off. My paper had a weird texture and so looked a bit messy but overall I was happy with how it turned out.

After this practice, we drew the life models, full body first, based on our previous lessons, and then selected an area to shade. I decided to use the head, as it had a nice dark cast shadow. Ok, so it was little too dark due to the outline being quite heavy to begin with, but other than that, I think I grasped how to use the principles we were shown. Also, I quite like my life drawing itself. Like I said, I’m better at the longer sketches than the quick ones.


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