Photoshop trials

Ok so I was really inspired by Niamh Lynn today, I mean who couldn’t? I realised that simplicity is key, although my colour studies looked nice, they did take some time. I asked her how she approached her work, she explained that she would outline a concept lightly, fill in the lines finally on a separate layer before going in with a tonal study. Her tonal study would literally be the five tones (white-dark grey) and then she would go in with colour after. In a simplistic block like look, she would create these beautiful characters that would rival Don Bluth- I do not jest

So anyway here’s my attempts- I used an App on my phone called ArtStudio and have been doodling on the bus too and from university. I wanted to recreate some characters from our world but in my own style- I choose one of Kirstin’s witches, putting her in a very Walmart-esque outfit and a cavaman (with African tribal markings) taking a selfie in China.

I did say out world was a bit mad! I want to experiment next with some colour and then lighting – things such as oil lamps vs neon lights would be interesting to experiment with,


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