Paradox World- Initial Story Board

So our next pitch is to create something that encapsulates our world. That’s it. Something that shows our world for all it’s worth.

We wanted to create a sort of animation for ours, as Hollie is amazing at creating little shorts. The story-line, however, was something new and we didn’t know what to do. However, we all had one common agreement. Our favourite character was the caveman design by Bethany, and we really wanted to use him at our main protagonist.

12204910_10201075398085104_2027987623_nBethany’s original caveman design.

Some of our plots involving the character included the following:

(1) Caveman walking into the dreary city streets Gianni designed, lost and confused, characters pushing passed him. Steps onto road and a cart nearly hits him, a flying car nearly crashes into him. He runs to nearest building and is out of breath, ducks inside. Gets pizza- warm scene and happily eats it nom nom nom.

(2) wacky races, racing of two cars through streets like a futuristic car and a horse and car. Then as near end line IN FLIES CAVEMAN ON TROJAN HORSE. I took the idea from my previous colour concepts, I really liked the idea of looking at some of the colour studies we previously had created and using them somehow.

Idea based on the ‘Wacky Racers’ series. Video courtesy of FANTASY.

Hollie’s animation was set in a street scene, so keeping this in mind I conveyed my ideas to the group. Robert had this cool idea of a walk through- having the character walk through the various settings in the world, elements of each effecting him and interacting in some how e.g. a hover car skimming his head in the futuristic world. We thought we could have him in a walk cycle going through the periods in chronological order, transitioning between periods in ways such as walking through a medieval castle and then exiting a saloon. We had looked previously at the opening credits for ‘The Simpsons’ series- especially the part when part skateboards through a crowd. He interacts with the crowd around him, doing things such as swinging on the lamppost.

The opening sequence to ‘The Simpsons.’ Video courtesy of Flashpoint Designs.

Video courtesy of JamTheFox. (aka our fabulous Hollie).

I wanted to have a look at walk cycles tonight for some research, as it seems to be the main element in this piece. Richard William’s discusses these at length in the ‘Animators Survival Kit’ and even has some tutorials online regarding these processes. Richard’s initiates the process by setting a beat for the walk itself. Our caveman, we imagine, has quite a lumbering bobbing walk, with a slowed pace, as he travels throughout the world. Each walk has five poses- contact, up, passing position, down, contact, and factors like height and the arm position and leg position must be accounted for in these. I found this diagram really helped explain the walk cycle better.

Richard William’s walk cycle analysis.

The video below is one of William’s discussing the different characteristics behind walks and how they demonstrate character and personality.

Richard Williams- walk cycle characteristics of men and women. Video courtesy of Chello iaco.

An example of a walk cycle of a caveman by Sangho Jung. It shows the heavy footing and stooped walk of the character.

When doing this animation, it would be best to work on the likes of photoshop and then screen shooting each scene to allow the character to move together. However, we do have some obstacles regarding this- such as insuring the caveman and background are of the same quality and perspective to each other.

 Alan Becker shows us how to animate a walk cycle. Video courtesy of AlanBeckerTutorials.

My attempt at a walk cycle with a caveman based on a basic stance. However, we may need to consider factors such as his walk. Will he walk hunched? Drag his feet? Walk with march and confident pose or pensive and cautious?

 My attempt at a walk cycle with a caveman based on a basic stance. However, we may need to consider factors such as his walk. Will he walk hunched? Drag his feet? Walk with march and confident pose or pensive and cautious?


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