Storyboard- rough ideas

Robert found this image from Horton Here’s a Who that show what our background could look like. This movie used a two layer background strip to allow it to repeat when doing a pan shot.

Background from Horton Here's a Who directed by bob clampett, layouts by michael maltese, animation by bob mckimson, original story by dr. seuss.

Background artwork from ‘Horton Here’s a Who.’ Directed by Bob Clamped, layouts by Michael Maltese, animations by Bob McKimson, original story by Dr. Seuss.

Today we worked on some ideas on what stories and plots we could come up and with and how the environments could interect with the caveman, or have actions going on around him.

Some of the ideas I thought of included; a volcano setting off and destroying a Tyrannosaurus Rex that stumbled across our scared caveman, a cowboy catching him in a lasso, as he walks passed a walk with hieroglyphics, he becomes part of the style of this painting, cameos from Michael and Conánn (Conánn on a Sphinx anyone, Michael as Emperor Caesar, anyone?) and our caveman nearly getting run over by a hover car. We wrote all our collective ideas down and then selected the ones we liked best, before placing them in order of how our sequence could occur. Starting as the Police station and ending at our Neanderthal’s house. Our completed result is below, including some of the transition ideas between scenes. Hollie said that it would be a better idea to keep the time periods mixed up, to prevent it looking like our character was time travelling. We all agreed this was a better option, but maybe having each thing that interacts in chronological order.

For our presentation we decided to make a little cut out of both our Caveman and his dog for explaining the story, and to help visualize him moving through the scenes. Hollie had to leave slightly early for her bus, so naturally I made a video to show her what she missed in those valuable ten minutes she was gone…

`Yes it was only for the fun, however it was a brief example of how our animation would look.

Robert had the cool music idea- possibly a trombone following our character, but having it change as the different time periods interact. For example, electronic beat in future world, Nile type music in Egypt.

Inspiration for our caveman walking. Video courtesy of YourTube.


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