Storyboard- Changed

Refining our plot

Refining our story- Robert puts on a fabulous face.

So after our weekend of planing and defining, we came up with some collaborations for our story board. I created a little colour image of the final scene of the cave, Hollie coloured our prehistoric cave and forest combination in this beautiful image (as seen on our board).

Robert also took my original walk cycle (yay) and made it into a little animation.

12384539_1271599056199530_1366572609_n.gifRobert’s walk cycle from my drawings.

After we met up today, we decided to refine our plot and develop our story board for our world. Robert kindly demonstrated this plot and typed it up scene by scene (as shown below). Looking at different camera angles also helped with this plot, rather than just a flat shot of a walk cycle, with one camera angle. Hollie suggested we rewrite our script with respect to this. A talk from Michael on story boarding also helped as it gave us an idea as what to consider in each frame, such as dialogue, action, camera, music, sound effects and timing. He kindly provided us with some notes on BlackBoard to help us further.

1508576_10201093513257972_6915774323050473207_nMichael’s story board notes.

Our Plot refined

Our plot refined and finalised.

We had a bit of a look into the various types of story boarding, Robert found this video on the making of “Recess: Schools Out” (skip to 6.07mins to see the story board section in more detail). The story boards for this movie were so in depth that an actual scenes could be made straight into a movie. I also looked into the deleted scenes of movies such as “Big Hero Six” as the unfinished look to these story boards are enough to give a story and layout, but without giving the total finished look.

Video courtesy of kablamoid96.

When looking into our world, I wanted to research the different ideas of various angles with street scenes. I compiled a little list and gallery of some of the things I had a little look at.

‘Runaway’ animation by PaperPlanes.

I really liked the use of lighting and transition shots in this short (Runaway by Emily Buchanan, Esther Parobek and Susan Yung). The movement along the street as the Chillie leaves his home is good as it gives the sense of how he lives in a human dynamic world i.e. he isn’t the only refrigerator in this world.

‘Jinky Jenkins & Lucky Lou.’ Video courtesy of The CGBros.

I also really liked this animation by Michael Bidinger and Michelle Kwon called “Jinky Jenkins and Lucky Lou.” The different and variety of angles to show the scenery is really good as it gives a sense of movement and excitement that Lou is experiencing. I really liked the split screen idea at the start and how the two characters end up colliding together, sharing in an adventure.

I really liked this concept art by Ross Stewart, Trevor Dalmer and Pete Osmald as it showed the streets from ‘Paranorman’ but in the full view. This would be quite good to do for our own world, especially with the Las Vegas street view- possibly something to play around with?

‘Paranorman’ concept artwork by Pete Oswald

Our storyboard scenes – 1-6. We decided to cut out the scene with the food market due to timing.


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