Bouncy Ball Obstacle course

This week Alec provided us with a bouncy ball obstacle course and asked our groups to have a go at moving the ball around this course. Our group came up with an overall route to play with, agreeing we could add our own flair to it.

Our pathway. Our agreed pathway.

I struggled with this this week, and thankfully Gianni (he’s not in my group but shush) is now pro at this and so he was able to help me (a lot) with understanding the physics and timing between everything. He even helped me include a bar at the beginning to push the ball. Gianni showed me this diagram that helped with the keyframing with the ball, such as speeding up the ball when it was in the curve.

Video courtesy of Charles Larrieu. I wanted the ball to follow the arc like that in the video above.  I wanted to replicate the speed and look they had shown. This is the diagram Gianni used when helping me with the keyframes to achieve this look.

Key frames for a bounce by San VFX based of of Richard William’s work.

This was my little course- I think I did quite well with the speed in the archway. Alec suggested that I try and increase the stretch as the ball accelerates from the loop, and hangs in the air. I’ll spent some time doing this this week.



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