Animatic- the creation of

So this week (week 8) we had to transform our images from our story board into an animatic. First we had a look into animatics as I was unsure as to what they were. According to an animatic is as follows:

“a preliminary version of a film, produced by shooting successive sections of a storyboard and adding a soundtrack.”

Robert showed me this video on animatics from the movie “Recess:Schools Out” that really helped as it showed the process behind making a storyboard. As our character doesn’t really have coherent speech, we decided to add the soundtrack once we had created our storyboard. We realized that most of  the animatics we viewed were in black and white and decided to keep it that way, as it is just a rough plot of the background and the movement of characters. We looked at the following animatics from movies like ‘Big Hero 6’ and ‘Frozen-the Deleted Scenes’ to get the gist of how these things should flow.

The making of Recess- skip to 6.04mins to view the story board section. Video courtesy of kablamoid96.

Frozen – deleted scenes. Video courtesy of Rainbow Anna.

Big Hero 6 deleted scenes. Video courtesy of Tommi Vercetty

Due to Gianni not being comfortable with using a graphics tablet, we decided to go old style and redraw our in between frames by hand, using the video Disney released on how they make their cartoons.  (Michael would be proud). We traced over the backgrounds and then drew the action of the characters and elements accordingly,  such as Toast running from the house.

How Disney Cartoons are Made- Walt Disney. Video courtesy of puntadeleste.

We took it in turns drawing the things we felt most comfortable with, Hollie is great at animals so Toast’s posing was perfect, Robert and I did background and Beans and Gianni helped with the perspective. Gianni had the idea of modeling parts of our world in Maya, to help with the perspective. They looked pretty cool once finished actually (see them below). They really helped when drawing the storyboard out in a clearer view.

 We recorded our sound over the animatic once it was completed. Robert, Gianni and I recorded the sound effects together (after rehearsing a few times). We compiled the images and in between frames by taking pictures of them and then fixing the ratio to 16 by 9 on photoshop. Robert then added the images together in Adobe After Effects and with Movie Maker (we started with MM however it decided to cut scenes as our files were too large). We then spliced all the scenes together in iMovie and Gianni lined the sound files together to create the final thing.

We were afraid that because we missed out some of our backgrounds in the frames, our world’s paradox look would be lost. We also thought the transition stage from Beans’ outfit to the Cleopatra style outfit was a little unclear. To convey this better during our presentations we redrew some of the frames larger with a little detail to show more of the world’s atmosphere.

So now for our final video! If we ever had to go back and re-edit it I would try to make the transition from Caveman to Cleopatra a little clearer, Mike suggested even pausing the frame at the final outfit for effect.

Our final animatic.


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