Motion Graphics

So this week we moved again. Robert, Gianni, Thomas (reunited again) and I are now working on Hell World to create a motion graphic.

So what exactly is a motion graphic?

“Motion graphics are digital footage and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation, and are usually combined with audiofor use in multimedia projects.” – (Wikipedia, 2015).

They combine the uses of typography, basic shapes, animation, colour and other elements to create a gif of title like sequence for shows and films.

I found a few examples of ones I liked online. The ‘LONDON’ gif used for a tourist board advertisement is interesting in how each letter is formed from different elements of the city. The bus on the letter ‘L’ doesn’t just appear from thin air, instead it comes from the London Eye, as if travelling.



Graphics courtesy of Al Boardman.

Conánn has asked us to create a title sequence from this. We didn’t have a lot of time as we had a lot of group work to present, so he gave us a few notes and then introduced us to a documentary called “Helvetica.” This documentary showed us how to create fonts. Artists such as Massimo Vignelli talked about things to consider, like spacing and imagery.

Helvetica Documentary. Video courtesy of Franco Falistoco.

This is an animation that I found that I really liked that best showed these elements in practice. Each of the superhero/gaming heroes is simplified to basic shapes like circles and squares with block colours, however they move in a way that is identifiable to us. The Joker is a white circle with a beaming grin, flips cards at the screen. Sonic is a blue circle that bounces upward to grab rings.

Motion Graphics animation of various Superheroes and Comic Book heroes by Dimitri Chouvaeff. Video courtesy of Dimitri Chouvaeff.

Dumb Ways to Die is one of my favourite videos. It is so clever in the way it looks cute, but has a rather gruesome message behind it. Video courtesy of DumbWays2Die.

The limited use of the setting in this is amazing as it allows space to be filled up around the main viewpoint. Things like the sun and clouds add to the surrounding environment, giving the story without drawing away from the main focus (the city). Maybe an idea would be the city of all our different time periods but with little elements acting around it. Things like a spaceship flying or a calvery riding through on the road.

Video courtesy of Sagar Funde.

This reminded me of ‘Little Big Planet.’ Something like this would be interesting if we could show a progression of the different cities as the world graphic rotates.


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