Initial Ideas

Initial Ideas for our project have been heavily inspired by the very simple shapes from our original research.

We looked into the previous groups animatics and the tonal and colour images for ideas of what we could incorporate in our design.

We wanted to create a video that would flow with a story- the seven layers of Hell portrayed in some way. Saul Bass’ work is a perfect example of something that follows this pattern- his graphics work tells a prologue almost as it is played.

Video courtesy of FlaneurSolitaire.

We really liked some of the silhoettes created by previous groups- thinking that we could reuse these in our own work to portray the different layers. For example, the web of a spider web (based on Lorna’s spider from the animatic) snaps and as it falls down it acts as a noose for a victim (based on Rhea’s original colour sketches).

2015-12-27 (1).pngThe spider silhouette from the the Hell World animatic.

2015-12-27 (2)

Eoin’s hanging silhouette based off of Rhea’s original work.

2015-12-27 (2).png


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