Life drawing- Man and Chair

So today we did the dreaded chair and man life drawing. I hate cubes- which is strange because I’m quite a mathematical mindset so thought I’d enjoy them but no. We started our session as per usual, drawing one minute sketches of the female model. Michael said he was happy with what he saw (thank God)- that we were really focusing on the movement of the model and the shapes were strengthening because of this.

We then drew the chair, Michael first got us to walk around it, noting things such as the height of the top compared to the legs and the tapering of the head rest. We then drew the chair lightly, focusing on the angle and connecting the four legs along the correct parallels.

Once finished mine I realised I had drawn Robert’s head too far up, he was more bent over in the pose. However, I think my chair drawing abilities and proportions are starting to get there!

12431228_10201222244716178_282810685_nMy own drawing of Robert on the chair- with Michael’s accompanying notes.


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