A Guide to Hell.

So our idea changed completely today but for the better (I think anyway) thanks to the awesome ideas of Thomas!

He suggested we have our motion graphic on a Bible or ancient book, to give a scarier atmosphere to the sequence. I then brought up images of the ‘Spiderwick Chronicles Guide Book’- showing how the book resolved around a guide to the creatures of the hidden world in the forest the plot is set in. Lightbulb. Why not make a guide for someone entering Hell. Each chapter a different level of hell, e.g. Limbo, Lust, depicting the creatures that live within this world.

We first looked into the layout of different guide books and anatomical drawings of creatures, Gianni suggested Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches would be good to look at. Ryan (from a different group) also pointed out the Guillermo del Toro sketch books, each movie he completes books filled with artwork and concepts for plot and characters. I made a gallery below of all the research images we referenced when looking at these. The video below shows the guide used in the ‘Spiderwick Chronicles.’

Below is a replica of the ‘Gravity Falls’ books- although not strictly as about animals it still has a conspiracy like look.

Research images below (guides and anatomical diagrams).

I found a online gallery which shows some of Da Vinci’s anatomy diagrams. I really like the unfinished look in some of the sketches as if he has changed his ideas or realised his original analysis for each diagram was wrong. Below are some of these diagrams.

We each took two layers of the world and then looked at the character designs from previous groups and then tried to recreate in our own styles. I incorporated some of mine in colour to create a bit of a break to the black and white ink. Below is a gallery of some of the many creatures we drew.

Niamh’s wolf design from the previous animatic week provided inspiration for the Treachery page- I combined a rat and wolf to make it a big more personal.

The two spider characters were based off of Dervla and Cassie’s spider lady designs for Lust. I created a male and female character to add more information to the pages.

The winged man for fraud was inspired by Eoin’s interpretation of Dante’s Geryon. I included a close up of the wing- based off of Da Vinci’s anatomy work.

Finally I had a look at the gluttony character based off of Rebecca’s little fat man. I loved the inflated look to him and tried to keep it, along with the cuteness in the work.


Niamh’s wolf design. Wow.












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