Typography Research

So this week we are creating a motion graphic which has to include typography somehow. Conánn showed us this video called “Helvetica,” in which designers such as Anfred Schulz and Massimo Vignelli discussed thought processes behind font and logo designs.

‘Helvetica.’ Video courtesy of Franco Falistoco.

For our world, we were originally going to have a nice cursive font, Gianni is very skilled in Italian Cursive, to give a hand written look to the book. However, after talking about it more we wanted to create our own language too, with it scattered through the book,  as if the readers were trying to decipher it. We searched online and found several cases were languages in this world have not been deciphered. The actual texts themselves are based heavily on symbols, and seem to reflect in patterns rather than in whole words like the English language. The Wadi el-Hol script, personally, is one I liked the best. The words seem to arch when being formed, as if their positioning is intentional.


Wadi el-Hol graffiti. Image courtesy of mentalfloss.

Robert compiled a data bank of sources and symbols from sources like Severus Snape’s wand in Harry Potter, Gravity Falls, Biblical/Satanic symbols and Avatar:Legend of Aang.

After looking at these symbols I then combined elements from the various symbols together, to recreate our own language. We wanted to incorporate this language into our video as the credits, having our names in these symbols, and the name of our movie. (Infernus = Latin for Hell).

Once I rewrote the names in our new language I recreated the files on photoshop, drawing the symbols. I wanted to create a faded look, as if the pen used was not working correctly. Gianni then took my completed images and experimented in Gimp (poor student problems) with different filters. I really like how they look jittery- hopefully we can create something like this in our final video!

Robert then suggested I use my nail art skills to incorporate some of the symbols onto his nails.


Using my nail art skills to give Robert a quick manicure.

For the headings of our sins we wanted them to stand out a bit more. We wanted to make them look more ‘Biblical’ in a sense. Gianni (like I mentioned) was brought up with Italian cursive in school so was able to replicate this beautiful font for us.


In the actual book itself, we wanted to have our own hand writing throughout the pages, to give the look as if it is passed from person to person as they enter hell. Enter circle time- passing the book and the language around the table to create this look.

Thomas also suggested we add some riddles to the book, like Golem uses in ‘The Hobbit.’ It took a while to come up with some normal lines (never trust three boys when the word Lust is a key word)- we toyed with the idea of placing animations on these riddles, the motion graphic element being placing over these.


Some of our riddles.

Video courtesy of Alexandru Mortimer.

Below are some of the pages from the Bible (before we stained it) showing our different hand writing skills.

From these completed typography elements we will then animate them to incorporate into our motion graphic.


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