Title Sequence- Animations

We did the opposite of what anyone should really do and videoed our book sequence before adding the animations over the top. Below is the raw footage. We wanted an all black background (big shout out to Even for letting us use her hoodie) and to create a more ominous looking background with a low light. Achieving our look for the film required an odd set up was odd to say the least. I was on top of a table recording, Robert flipped the book and Thomas was the light source. We held the light source from far away and experimented with holding it at different heights to create different amount of shadows and add depth to the page. We were inspired by movies such as ‘Hocus Pocus’, especially the scene with the candle, and wanted to try to replicate this. We also looked at this online jump scare games such as called ‘Candles’- its a POV game following through a haunted house. The lighting is subdued and low allowing an ominous look to scenes.


Lighting the candle in Hocus Pocus. Image courtesy of Disney.

‘Candles.’ Video courtesy of theRadBrad.

‘Grey.’ Video courtesy of theRadBrad.

We then watched the video a few times and created a storyboard for the various animations that would form part of our motion graphic. We agreed on a few animations, but as we neared completion we added more i.e. the wolf and bull eyes glowing.


Robert and Thomas did the animations for the bats, eyes, hangman, footprints and burping men. We created these frame by frame in photoshop, with the background as the still image from the video. Below are the gifs of these animations, minus the background.


The video below is Thomas’s original test fitting the animations into the footage, with some of his original sound effects.

When creating these images we really wanted to keep the creatures/ motions simple and basic as shapes. We looked into the work of Saul Bass, his well known title sequences use simplified shapes and minimal movements to create dynamic intros. We also found this really nice work by a student (Matt Fogarty) for ‘Tim Burtons: Alice in Wonderland.” This work was obviously inspired by Bass’s work- his style of kinetic type and shape evident here. We used some of the characters and imagery from the previous group, including Rhea’s hanging silhouette. We also really liked the look created in the credits for ‘Harry Potter:The Prisoner of Azkaban.’ The footprints moving over the map text was exactly like something we had in mind, and was easy to explain to Gianni, who was originally quite confused by our idea (language barriers).

12038863_1108187165859426_7965365938207674571_oRhea’s original colour sketch for ‘Hell World.’

Video courtesy of FlaneurSolitaire.

Video courtesy of Matt ‘Empyre’ Fogarty.

Video courtesy of UltimateHDVideostify.

While the boys animated the motions, I was in charge of the typography. I’ve never done anything like this before and as I paid for a photoshop license (yes I actually gave Adobe money) and so wanted to experiment with this software. I used effects like fading in and out, especially with the end credits, as I wanted to create look as if it was being written.

I was inspired by the motion graphics used in Whitechapel (BBC) to create a really jittery look to my credits. I also looked into series such as ‘American Horror Story’ as its constant jerky typography gives a great uneasy feeling.


Video courtesy of Neil Montgomery.

Video courtesy of André Phantomhive.

I created the movement by placing the text in different places and then speeding the frames at different times, with some of the text inverted, to look freaky and uncomfortable. Gianni sped these animations up in our final video to give a more jerky look.

Above are the two names I created with photoshop. Thomas gave me a hand (he’s a lot faster than I am) and created the animations for his own name and Roberts.

The title credits I animated for our video.





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