Title Sequence- Sound

So our ideas for sound for our video changed completely from day one.

We originally thought of doing like an operatic or choir like sound, but found it too stereotypical of our world. We then decided to take a step back and decided to look into different music styles out there.

I love Florence and the Machine and loved the idea of having quite a low growling sound for the backing track- songs like Seven Devils and Breathe of Life give the sense of urgency and panic, the main sounds almost replicated a heart beat. I also love the how it makes the listener feel as if they are part of something- Breathe of Life always makes me feel like I’m part of a battle. Niamh then informed me that she listened to Seven Devils while drawing her beautiful ‘Fraud’ Wolf. One of Florence’s biggest influences was P.J. Harvey and I did a little research into her music style too. Her work is influenced by folk music, using harps and banjos in her sounds. I really like the raw feel it gave to her songs- the instruments not entirely in tune felt freaky.

I also looked into television series openings. Two of my favourite being Whitechapel (BBC) and Hannibal (NBC). The music creates a really uneasy atmosphere, which works great with the mood implied by both of these series. Gianni plays some beautiful random pieces on the guitar and with his 12 string instrument he recorded really random tunes- some of these created by playing the instrument while jumping on the bed! We found some interesting creepy guitar music online as to explain the sort of mood we were going for.

Video courtesy of letenglandshake.

Video courtesy of Snow White and the Huntsman.

Video courtesy of sarica10.

Video courtesy of Jagandeep Brar.

Video courtesy of Whitechapel.

Video courtesy of ObieDaz The BeatOven.

When creating our final soundtrack we let Gianni have free reign when doing the editing (at his request as we were pretty clueless). However Robert, Thomas and I recorded lots of sound effects to incorporate with our animations.

We took turns whispering our riddles we created for the book (such as the greed and violence riddles), alternating when we started chanting, we whistled in various pitches, made growling noises and Meabh provided us with bird calls.

We also created sound effects for the animations- the spider’s scuttles were my nails on the table, the footprints were made by Robert stomping, the bats were fluttering of paper, the hangman was an accident- Thomas hit his hand of a table mid recording and it sounded like a broken neck. Thomas also provided the lovely belch and barf sounds for the Greed Characters. Gianni even kindly read from the book of Revelations in Italian.

Gianni is trying to create an mp3 of the sound files as one- rather than just overlaid on our video. If this doesn’t happen you can listen for the actual track on our final video.







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