Game Research- dancing games

So before looking at our game we decided to look at some historic dance games (and boy did I find some from my childhood).

Musical Statues- this game (origins unknown) involves playing music and dancing. With the pause in sound, the participants must freeze. Any player that moves is out. We introduced this game for the first time to Jakub (yes he had never heard about it before). We could possibly implement this in some way, such as the ability to master sound in the soundless caves that lie below the world. The video below shows an examples of this game being played.

Video courtesy of Brian Roach.

Zumba- invented by Beto Perez when he had to improvise with music for an aerobic class, resulting him in playing Latin music. Used as a toning exercise, it combines slow and fast rhythm toLlatin music, with a lot of exotic moves. I have participated in these classes before and it is not as easy as it looks! Although not necessarily a game, the technique involved is amazing and is really fun to try and recreate. Possibly something to consider would  be a mass dance for the whole world? The most skilled being the leader or winner so to speak. We could also look into cult/ tribal dances like the Haka for ideas for this.

The Haka as done by the All Blacks. Video courtesy of World Rugby.

Audrey does Zumba. Video courtesy of Scott Nether.

More modern adaptations of Zumba dances. Video courtesy of SHiNE DANCE FITNESS.

Just dance/Dance Central/Dance Mat- all of us will have played at least one of these games in our lives. They are based on the same principle- a set of moves that the player must match with as shown on the screen. Whether through the use of a mat (like Dance Mat) or with a controller (Just Dance/ Dance Central). Possible ideas that came from this included possibly a giant dance mat over the world and the residents must match with the symbols on the ground in order to let the world survive.

Dance Mats are used in the 2010 remake. Video courtesy of Hussein Sansoon.

Step Up 3- Dance Mats used by the kids at the end of the video (2010). Video courtesy of rajiv chaudhari.

Video courtesy of AverageAsianDude.

Expert Level Just Dance Routines (2010). Video courtesy of AverageAsianDude.

After watching all these videos and researching  this type of gaming, we decided to have a game in which there is one winner- that person would therefore be crowned the leader. We also realised that there is a set was in which games like these are judged- such as direct alignment with moves, though mostly based on hand movements. In our own game we will try to focus on the judging of the whole character.



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