As a scientist I was excited to come up with the background elements to our world’s game as I love anything to do with evolution and species adaptations.

Darwinism is defined as the theory of the evolution of species by natural selection advanced by Charles Darwin.


Charles Robert Darwin in English scientist that theorised that all species started from a common point, whether it be plant or animal. Throughout time each species has modified from simplistic ancestors to the ones we know today. These views were not originally hypothesised from Darwin, Greek philosophers such as Anaximander hypothesised the idea of life coming from nothing. A mechanism implied that has lead to such developments in life is known as ‘Natural Selection.’ This is the the process whereby organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring. The theory of its action was first fully expounded by Charles Darwin, and it is now regarded as be the main process that brings about evolution. For example say a member of a species has wings that serves as an advantage. It acts as the superior species, with more successful mate cycles, passing on this gene. Whereas the inferior members without wings die out as they can no longer mate or have a lesser successful chance.

Below are two videos I used at A-Level to help with revision, created by Stated Clearly.

Videos courtesy of Stated Clearly.

When coming up with our historical story behind our world we wanted to imply this evolution style, so our world just doesn’t appear from nothing. We also have the idea that the judge for such a competition will be the world itself, as it is an equaliser. Much like Darwin’s theories, the creatures must adapt to the world evolving with sound and therefore so must the leader and how they control each sound genre (as explained below). Movies like ‘Avatar’ the ‘X-men’ and even ‘Wall.E’ show various responses to adaptation throughout their screen play. Wall.E for example shows the adaptation of humans in space as their bone density decreases due to gravitational forces.

Video courtesy of playyy87.

Video courtesy of ermantheman.

The evolution of the Human race in Wall.E. Video courtesy of Joe Ludwig.


Story- The Evolution of Sound

In the beginning the world was quiet. It was sessile, nothing moved and nothing was heard. The creatures that lived on this world were simple blobs, with no purpose. However, the always felt they each had a calling. Then the day of dawning occurred. The day that kick started Sound Evolution.

A meteor struck the world, creating what was known as Sound. It was loud. It was movement. It was a new way of life. The creatures began to adapt to the music types, blobs forming three individual species of Shapes. The Circles favoured classical music, simple flowing movements. Whereas the Triangles preferred a more upbeat Pop and R and B music type. The Squares, however, were very set in their ways and were in fact square in actions, so preferred a more traditional approach, traditional music and war music being their specialty.

The three species, although now in harmony with themselves, could not be with each other. The world around them was too loud, too chaotic, static sounds echoing through their once silent planet. The city itself was a glitch- building inhabitable due to their unpredictability. They needed a resolution, a hero, someone who could command all these music styles, that could contain each genre in turn.

They needed to find this person, but did not want a war, adding more sounds of guns blazing would only make the atmosphere worse. Much worse. They met in the city’s most central point, a Council of Sound to try and find resolve. In the midst of all the talks and arguing the world flared more and more, the sound deafening, life threatening to everyone. That’s when it happened.

An unknown Square made his way to the centre of the ring of people. He stood still, eyes closed in concentration. The world suddenly silencing around him. Each and every Square, Circle and Triangle ceased their bickering. Only then did it happen. He began to dance. The young Square gracefully moved from move to move, embodying every genre that each species knew. His plie was graceful, changing into a sharp front click before sliding into a moonwalk. The world around him began to respond, playing music to his steps, the buildings finding harmony in beat and sound with each movement.

For the first time in a long time, the world had peace.

Alas, like all good things, they must come to an end. Sound fades over time, much like the leader of this world. Therefore with each Cycle of Frequency (aka Lifecycle of the Creature) a new leader is decided. However the world itself is the deciding factor in this, acting as the judging panel for the individuals themselves.


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