An Animation for Our Game

OK so are game, as mentioned from our story is a dance game. It takes place between the three species of the world, competing to find one person who can control the world. As a group we decided it would be good to have a little animation of this competition based on our characters. We wanted to show one of our characters acting the two opposing dances, or the two it is not used to. We decided that since the square guy was used in our story we would use him, and have him transition from say a ballet move to a hip-hop move.

Jakub is well used to animating on flash- but when creating this animation we wanted to have a look at  some that have been previously created.

Niamh suggested these two videos to be by Vivziepop. I love the bouncy look to character, her moves reflect her personality. So sassy. In fact, I love all the videos below. They capture the personalities of each character so beautifully and the transitions from move to move are skillfully done.



Videos courtesy of Vivziepop

We kind of had a basic idea of what we wanted to show in our animation after looking at these videos. So our next step was to record some of  Clíodhna dancing to decide which moves to use.



The Jive.



Gianni kindly lent himself to aid in some lifts. As you can see, not all of them went accordingly to plan.

Almost killing Clíodhna part one.

When we didn’t kill Clíodhna.

We decided to use the ballet and hip-hop video for our two moves that we will incorporate.


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