Life Drawing- Tonal

Today in life drawing we did a longer drawing (thank gosh). I love the gesture drawings but sometimes it is nice to just stand, listen to opera and draw for a long period of time (40 minutes if I’m not mistaken). After looking at the work of Bernie Wrightson (his ink drawings are superb and I love the style) in class we wanted to have a go at this style too. Wrightson uses a cross hatch method but the lines are direction (shown below). They all start from a point and work out, heavier lines for more shaded areas.  For preparation for these ink drawings next week, Michael wanted us to practice tonal studies again- to appreciate the ability to use one tone to add depth to a piece.

Pieces by Bernie Wrightson.

12463488_10201222243876157_1772465393_nFull body tonal study of Jackie.

I didn’t get any feedback this week (Michael never stopped by me) – unsure if this is a good or a bad thing. I was really pleased with the tonal I was achieving in the body- next time I’ll focus on a larger area to achieve more detailed hatching. I’m quite excited for next week- pen is one of my favourite mediums.


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