Concept Artwork for Our Story

When trying to explain the world to Jakub, he found he was really struggling with understanding our world. I decided to do a bit of concept artwork to go with our story, as by way of explaining the story to him.

I created the picture below as we explored the idea of what the arena for our world would be. We had previously discussed the use of the world as the arena itself. All the inhabitants meeting in the centre of the world and as each person dances the world would build around them.

I thought this piece by Dmitry Kalischyk was very beautiful, and would link in with Jakub’s idea of incorporating tattoo work on the world that would match up with each character. Jakub converted that the characters would have individual artwork on their bodies and if they win the game, or show the most control, this artwork would be conveyed onto the world itself. In the piece above I experimented with placing this work over the moon.

This was a very quick piece to demonstrate the use of tattoo work further on the buildings and characters. Clíodhna suggested we look at the artwork from the ‘Tangled Storybook Deluxe’ application. This illustration of Rapunzel and Flynn under the lanterns is very beautiful and I wanted to create a quick piece showing the three species in harmony together. I then added the tattoo artwork based on Jakub’s tattoo work.

This, finally was based off of the line “the city itself was a glitch” from our story. Although in Champion’s piece the blues are used to create a calming atmosphere around our couple, I wanted to reverse this feel but with the same colour scheme. I tried to emphasis the movement of the buildings with the exaggeration of lines, as obviously in the painting they would just appear static. I tried to incorporate an almost motion blur look to the lights.


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