Ink Studies

Michael asked us to have a look into a few different artists before we participated in life drawing this week.

Albrecht Dürer was was a German renaissance painter and printmaker. I had a look at his work and realised his sketches were completed in both ink and pen. I’ve included a few of them below.

Neal Adams is a comic book artist who works in pen and pencil. I found his style of work really interesting to look at- due to working in the one tone of pen, he creates the look of depth in different ways. This would be something work experimenting with in this weeks life drawing.

Video  courtesy of SpydaCreations.

Some examples of Adam’s work.

Mort Drucker is an American caricaturist and comic book artist who is best know for his work on the comic ‘Mad.’ He was my least favourite of the artists that we had to research. I found his caricatures very harsh and scary (?). Not something I could look at.

Video courtesy of  Stephen Silver.

Some of Drucker’s caricatures.

Charles Dana Gibson was an American graphic artist who was responsible for the for the creation of the Gibson Girl, the representation of the independent American woman. I loved his style the most as he created the feeling of movement and shape without the over use of lines. His limited line use gives the feel of direction.

Video courtesy of Robert Fair.

The work of Charles Dana Gibson.

12434567_10201222244756179_2077703265_nMy tonal study of the leg.




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