Arm Rig Research- Human vs Mechanical

Focusing on the arm rig this week (from a different angle) I wanted to explore the different possibilities and looks that good be applied to making the arm look either mechanical or human.

Human arms follow more of a natural arc when moving from point A to B, much like Keith Lango described. However Robotic arms lack this fluidity and move straight to the points. I had a look at some examples of both these arm types.

Human Arms

Love the emotion expressed through the over exaggeration in these. Video courtesy of ultra sandwich.

The character at 0.26seconds of this show reel is my favourite. The strange arm movements are amazing. Video courtesy of AnimSchool.

The motions of the girl on the lounge chair are beautiful. Video courtesy of  CGMeetup.

Robotic Arms 

I liked the character still applied to this arm, it has its own little personality when pouring the drink, reflective of the person controlling it. Video courtesy of Mist.

The speed in the movement of the arm is also more varied than humans. It speeds through certain actions, holding some longer before springing to another. Video courtesy of Jamie Hamel-Smith.

I found some really cool shorts demonstrating the difference in human and robotic movements as they appear alongside each other.

‘SuperBot: A Magnifying Mess.’ This video shows the reflective human characteristics in the Robot’s movements, however its rigid robotic movement are still evident. Video courtesy The CGBros.

‘Wire Cutters.’ Looking specifically at the movement of the head how it is more ‘jittery’ than a human. Video courtesy of Jack Anderson.

‘Tea Time.’ Video courtesy of MadArtistPublishing.




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